Welcome Back to FitinYourDress.com!
10 Apr 2018

Welcome Back to FitinYourDress.com!


Welcome back! It’s been a long time away for all of us at fitinyourdress.com, and boy are we glad to be back! For those of you who don’t know me, I’ve been a part of the fitinyourdress.com team since the beginning. I began with fitinyourdress.com by providing content on sexual health, but very quickly, I decided I wanted to be more involved and was invited to become Director of Operations Development. I was saddened when the project was put on pause, but the ideas just kept coming. I truly got the chance to build my vision of what fitinyourdress.com could become: a complete platform for women that provides content, services, and an opportunity for women to express and empower themselves. I pushed for the issues I believe in to be at the forefront: body positivity, sex positivity, psychological and emotional health, and most importantly, inclusivity for women of all races, ages, income, sexuality, and body types. Now as Chief Operating Officer, I am excited to announce the relaunch of fitinyourdress.com. Great things are coming our way! We have built up an amazing team of sensational women; I am so looking forward to reading their content, partnering up, and learning from them as well

Aside from fulfilling my duties as C.O.O, I will be continuing to provide written and video content on sexuality and sexual health. Now more than ever, it is imperative that we develop our best sex lives yet. Within safe spaces to express sexual needs and desires (whether those are needs for pleasure or for safety), I believe that we can develop communicative tools for both women and men that will help us build respectful, nurturing, and fulfilling sexual lives. Over the last year, movements such as #metoo and the denunciations of sexually aggressive behaviors often found within power relationships have caused a great deal of commotion. We’ve been angered and saddened, gotten into arguments and debates, and have had to rethink on our own behaviors and beliefs. Which I think is FANTASTIC. These issues are hard to face, but it is not by denying them that they get resolved. I think that it is through conversation that with time such issues can be resolved. For me, it is necessary to keep discussions going, especially with those who hold opinions different than mine. When I ignore those opinions, I delude myself into a false belief that most people think and act the way I do, and that everything is great, there are no issues! (Wrong). By talking to those who think differently from me I can not only try to understand them and explain my own opinions, but I actively work towards bridging the gap between us. With this in mind, though I will continue to give you tips and tricks in regards to sex, I also want to dig deeper and aboard such topics as sexual subjectivity, consent, slut shaming, and sex negativity/sex positivity.

On a lighter side, I also want to take this opportunity to embrace my slightly more…materialistic side? I’ll be honest, I have always kinda been a PRODUCT HOE (yes I use that word with pride)…I love makeup, lotions, lashes, hair, GLITTER…I own not one, not two, but THREE wigs! However, I am trying to slowly switch my products over to ones that are better for my health and the environment, or companies that support women and promote the same values as I believe in. As I make the switch, I want to share my experience with you. I also want to help you out, so I’ll be reviewing products, giving my first impressions, and giving you some of my own tips and tricks!

So here’s to a year of great sex AND great makeup that won’t poison me as I use it! Or if I can be really greedy…here’s to a year of great makeup that won’t poison me AND will stay on while I have great sex???

One can only hope.


Delphine DiTecco

Host and Creator of Broke and Horny (Coming Soon!)
Honours B.A. in Psychology (Concordia University)

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Delphine DiTecco

Sex Enthusiast, Writer, Researcher, Performer, Makeup and Product Lover Masters Student in Women and Gender Studies Honours B.A. in Psychology Podcast Host and Creator of Broke and Horny

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