On Having Sex During Your Period
11 Oct 2016

On Having Sex During Your Period


* Note: This is a health and sex education article. Some explicit terms are used. If you don’t feel comfortable reading this, or you are not in the right age to read this without the consent of your parents, please navigate away *

Many women think that for one week a month, they should keep away from any sexy activities. If you consider that women will have their period from about 40 or so years, and that you have your period for about one week of every month (so one quarter of the time), that adds up to TEN YEARS that you are depriving yourself from awesome sex. This may be an extreme way of looking at things, but it does put into context how ridiculous it is to ignore your sexuality for a week every month during something that is completely natural. If you are worried that your partner will be weirded out, consider this: a poll in men’s health showed that three quarters of men where DOWN for period sex. For the most part, it’s women who feel uncomfortable with it out of fear their partner won’t like it. So don’t be shy to suggest the idea. Or, you can always excite him so much he won’t be able to resist 😉

Period sex can actually be a lot of fun. For one, your hormones might make you really horny, and the fact that period sex can be considered unconventional can be an extra turn on. What’s even more awesome is that orgasms and sex in general can help relieve period cramps! Feeling sexy and reducing pain? Sounds like a good combo to me. And as with many things I previously discussed, period sex (oddly enough) can make you feel closer to your partner, accepted and loved. Let’s be honest, it’s super hot knowing your guy (or girl) is so into you that he doesn’t care that it’s your time of the month. Its makes you feel like the two of you are close enough to not care about superficial things.

If you are willing to give it a go, here are a few tips. Keep in mind that you can choose days where your flow is lighter and you are feeling less uncomfortable. The extra liquid can provide extra lubrication that will help things go smoothly.

1. Put a dark towel down: If you are worried about things getting messy, you can put down a dark towel or dark sheets. When you’re done just throw them in the wash and voila! But for the most part the damage is pretty minimal unless you are on your first day

2. Work with gravity: if you are worried about the mess, maybe it’s not the best time to try crazy cowgirl variations. Missionary and spooning are probably your safest bet

3. Try it in the shower: this can be a great way for period sex first timers. The shower is sexy and you will feel clean and confident

4. Don’t care: this is my preferred method of going about period sex. So we bleed once a month, so what? Fluids are a normal part of sex. Chances are the less worried you are the more fun you and your partner will have. If you act like there is something weird about it, they may start thinking that too. But if you act confident they probably won’t even notice (no seriously, they may not even realize it if you don’t mention it)!

Hopefully this article encourages you to explore your sexuality during your menstruation. We have some ingrained ideas sometimes about what is ok and not ok, but for the most part there are no such rules with sex. Whatever works with you and your partner is best. You can even enjoy other sexual activities such as fingering, oral (YES ORAL!) and anal during your period. Just slowly explore what you and your partner are comfortable with. A good tip for trying oral during your period if you are a beginner or uncomfortable with the idea, is to wear a tampon while your partner focuses on your clitoris. Just an example of how there is always a way to work with what you got. Forget about what you thought sex and periods where in elementary school and get out of your comfort zone and into your sexy zone!

What do you think? What are your experiences? Please comment below!


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