We’re a company striving to empower women at work, business, and fitness.

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Our Mission

We’re with you every step of the way!

Your fitness goal is our number one priority: To Fit Into That Dress, regardless of the number, size 0 or 11. We’re here for you!

Our Team of Wellness Role Models will pay very close attention to your daily diet, your workout, your schedule, your restrictions.

We listen, brainstorm, and troubleshoot. Sometimes we’ll be the voice of reason, a sounding board, a brain to pick, someone to vent to, or a shoulder to cry on.

Our Team Leaders

Our team is formed by professional Wellness Role Models
Passionate about fitness, health and
most importantly, who believe in empowering women!

Leading our teams:

Transformational Content Team

Talented and inspirational women excelling in their professional fields ready to share their knowledge and experience with you!

Our Experience In Wellness

Our team understands demanding schedules and the realities of life.

You’re busy! You don’t have time to count calories, find workouts, think about diets, all you need is results!

Our Wellness Role Models will hand-hold you through the entire process to help you get FIT in a HEALTHY way.

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Love, Empowerment, Support 100%
Diet 75%
Workout 50%

  • workout healthy
  • respect your schedule
  • realistic diets
  • no need to have a PhD in Physical Education
  • fit in your dress and create awesome memories of that event
  • more possibilities!

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