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03 May 2018

5 Feel Good Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow Right Now!

Do you ever find yourself scrolling through your Instagram feed, *scroll scroll scroll*, only to find yourself feeling like…well… complete crap afterwards? Feeling like you’re not good enough, not sexy enough, not thin enough? Well, if this resonates with you, you aren’t alone. A study done at Macquarie University found that the more time women spent scrolling on the app, the more they had body image concerns and the more they valued their appearance over other aspects of themselves. Another study from Windsor University in Canada found that total time spent on social networking sites (like Instagram) was related to eating disorder concerns. This may be in part due to the fact that many of us have feeds filled with images of only one specific type of female body: thin, toned, curvy, able bodied, and most often white. With the increasing trend in fitspo (images of fit women meant to inspire), these images bombard us more and more. Now, at it’s base, there isn’t necessarily anything wrong with checking out pics of hot fit women. The problem arises when we are exposed to these pictures again and again, and our brain starts to register these images as the only possibility for beauty, instead of seeing beauty in all different types of bodies. When we never get to see our own body type (or age group or skin colour) being represented in a positive, sensual, glamourous, attractive light, we unfortunately start to falsely believe that our body type can’t be any of those things.

There’s a lot of work to do as a society in general to solve these issues. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t do something to prevent yourself from feeling terrible for no reason. One good way to avoid ending up discouraged any time you open your Instagram is to include a better variety of representation in your feed. This way you’ll be able to see a variety of women, looking awesome and feeling great in their skin no matter what their own unique look is. So to get you started, here are the five body positivity and self love Instagram accounts that you should add to your feed right now!

1. @sarageurts


Sara Geurts is living her best life even though she has Ehlers-Danos Syndrome, a disorder which affects the connective tissues that support many parts of the body such as organs and bones. For Sara, as for many others with the disorder, this can create stretchy velvet like skin that can have a wrinkled or sagging appearance. But this doesn’t stop her from being an amazing model and…honestly…looking HOT AS HELL. Sara is absolutely radiant and her instagram filled with beachy bikini pics will brighten up your feed. She also works to spread awareness about Ehlers-Danos Syndrome and encourages others to be body positive by sharing her journey.


2. @bodyposipanda


She is the best selling author of Body Positive Power…and this girl is my JAM! After battling devastating eating disorders, this girl changed her life around and decided to become body positive. She now helps educate others on eating disorders and body positivity, and she is truly inspirational. Her feed just makes me smile, laugh, feel good, and learn because this girl is as real as you can get while also being quite informative! Don’t forget to check out her #donthatetheshake videos where she bares it all, showing us her dance moves while in bikini or underwear, unashamed of any wiggly jiggly parts that may show. It’s impossible to sit through one of those videos without having a huge smile spread across your face.


3. @mamacaxx

I am hypnotized by mamacaxx’s feed… it is so aesthetically pleasing! This amazing woman fought bone cancer, leading her to lose one of her legs. But this hasn’t stopped her! She is an ambassador for Alleles which makes beautiful covers for prosthetic limbs and she shows them off in the most colourful and fashionable pics. Proof that the best style comes from being true to yourself!


4. @zinteta


This Barcelona artist celebrates all things women with her rainbow palette. Her work targets female issues as well as celebrating the beauty in what society has deemed as flaws. Glitter period stains, neon stretch marks, tie dye uteruses, her art is unapologetic and in your face while being quite feminine and beautiful.


5. @naturalmodelsla

Natural Models LA is a modelling agency for curve models. Their range of diversity and size is truly refreshing to see in the fashion world. Seeing all these babes of different shapes and sizes helps us discover beauty in variety; there isn’t just one way to be beautiful. Not to mention it’s a great place to check out how different clothing styles work on different body types. Warning: this page is SEXY!



SO, I urge you all to go check out these awesome insta accounts, trust me they won’t disappoint! I cannot stress how important it is to broaden our own idea of beauty as well as everyone else’s by supporting pages, models, and artists who push for representation of all women!

Delphine DiTecco

Host and Creator of Broke and Horny (Coming Soon!)
Honours B.A. in Psychology (Concordia University)

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Photo by Allyson Weislogel on Unsplash

Delphine DiTecco

Sex Enthusiast, Writer, Researcher, Performer, Makeup and Product Lover Masters Student in Women and Gender Studies Honours B.A. in Psychology Podcast Host and Creator of Broke and Horny

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