Women To Watch in 2017
06 Feb 2017

Women To Watch in 2017

Seems like 2017 just got here and it’s already February! The news have kept us on edge for weeks now and seems like this year we can expect a constant stream of changes.  I’m personally experiencing social media and news fatigue, but in a way that has helped me to stop reading the news right after I wake up. Now I take my time and re-center before reading about the latest tantrum of a certain 70-year-old petulant child or one of his angry friends.

Are we worried? We are, because words cut deep, bullying is becoming justified, lying and ignoring science seem to be the new normal; programs, laws and organizations for reproductive health, abortion rights and more geared towards equality which have been progressing for decades are now put at risk on a daily basis.

But we’re here not to continue reverberating the negative, rather to focus on our first-ever list of Women To Watch for the year. Our list comprises a group of hard-working women with inspirational stories, women who have fought hard to break glass-ceilings, who strive for equality and balance of life, who push against all odds to build a career and open opportunities not just for themselves but for others; women who tell stories of living in the present, stories of love and energy, who do not hesitate to leave big jobs with big money behind to pursue endeavors to denounce discrimination and harassment; women who work to empower themselves and others.



They come from different walks of life and areas in the world, all of them making an impact in North America.  We had the opportunity and pleasure to sit down and chat with each one of them, some in person and some via Skype, and we’re inspired more than ever, humbled for what they stand for, their work ethics and their resolve.

This is the list of Women To Watch for 2017 as selected by the Fitinyourdress.com Editorial Team:

Patricia_Chica_©HNI Productions_1146

Patricia Chica

Film Director, Producer

Watching TV and movies we usually think of the American dream as the process of going through what seems to be a linear series of obstacles to finally land the job … [read more]

Jessika Dénommée

Singer, Dancer, Marketing Guru, BeMyGuest VP of Marketing

Dating nowadays seems to involve an exercise of understanding apps and lots and lots of swiping and thumb-typing. It seems as if the art of conversation is lost and the human touch has been … [read more]

Dale Hayes - director, actor

Dale Hayes

Director, Actor, Author

Who can say that you’ve been working on your passion for more than 30 years with tons of ups and downs and still wake up every day to keep … [read more]


Marta Rocamora Gonzalez

Networker, Montreal WeWork City Manager

Being in our twenties is typically a period of growth into adulthood. Many will pursue an idealistic approach to life, preach endlessly about ecology and capitalism… [read more]


Carlos Zappien

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