Top 5 Resolutions For Great Sex In 2017
10 Jan 2017

Top 5 Resolutions For Great Sex In 2017


So, it’s the new year. 2016 definitely had its ups and downs, but now it’s time to put your energy into making 2017 the best it can be, and that includes sex! Here are our …

top 5 resolutions for great sex in 2017:

1. Fall in love with you

Ok I know, it sounds pretty cheesy, but trust me, loving yourself will go a long way in improving your sex life. The kinder you are to yourself, and the more you get to know yourself… the better you will be in bed, and the more pleasure you will get in bed. Ways you can work towards this resolution? Try to focus on the parts that you like about yourself, both physical and life wise. Everyone has some aspects of their lives and bodies they dislike, but it isn’t useful to always just focus on this. And remember the things you dislike do not define who you are. If there are some things you want to improve, that’s ok, but realize that you are just as whole and valuable now even without those things. Think about one or many things about yourself that make you feel sexy: maybe it’s your eye colour, your great hair, perfect nipples, your amazing legs, or your witty sense of humour! Remember its not just body parts that can make us feel sexy! When you are feeling down about yourself think back to that aspect, or to a past moment when you felt especially sexy and good about yourself (a cute outfit you rocked, when you finished that assignment, when you walked up courageously to your flirt… whatever works for you)!

2: Well I’ve said it before, touch yourself!

Masturbation can really help you become more comfortable with your body and will help you find out what it is that you like best. I sound like I’m repeating myself (and I am), but it is crucial that women learn to get in touch with their sexual selves. If you are already having solo time on a regular basis, maybe you could try something new (new toy, new position, new area in your home, new porno). If you aren’t someone who masturbates very often or at all, take charge. It can be surprising how fun self discovery can be when you approach it without feelings of guilt, and begin to realize that masturbation is a regular part of of a healthy adult life. Don’t pressure yourself, start with something small and go with how you feel. Choose a night when you are feeling relaxed and don’t have to rush to go anywhere, and take the opportunity to have some fun with the person who should be your number one best friend-you! And hey why not treat yourself? Have a glass of wine, light some candles, take a bath, whatever it is that makes you feel more sensual.



3. Step out of that comfort zone

Everyone has their own level of comfort and that is totally ok. But sometimes it is healthy to step outside of routine and comfort. This doesn’t mean you have to do something extreme! The fun part about this is you can find a way to do something that is different and exciting to you! Here are some examples you may not have thought about: Go see a museum or art exposition that discusses sex or erotic art. This is a great way to get informed or excited without having to be directly involved in the sex itself, and it could actually be pretty arousing to think back to later on. Wearing something sexy under your work clothes, buying a new toy (if you’re feeling shy you can go online!), exploring a different fantasy with your partner, or maybe something as simple as sex in a different room of the house. Wtv it is, try to discover at least one new sexy thing this year.

4. Try to open your mind

This can be a real challenge, especially when it comes to something like sex. But it is important to accept that people have different levels of comfort, different orientations, different fantasies, and different sex lives. It is totally ok to decide that you don’t like certain things, but it is not your job, nor appropriate, or kind, to judge or reproach people sexually. Neither is it ok to tell them how their sex life should be (sounds ironic coming from me eh?! ) That is taking into account that wtv people are doing is consented and legal, of course. By being more accepting of others sexuality, we learn to be more accepting of our own little quirks. Also, if ever your partner comes up to you with a new idea, you will be better equipped to deal with it whether you are into it or not. You may even be more likely to want to try new things, and find a lot of pleasure in that. This does NOT in ANY WAY mean you have to say yes to whatever is proposed, but learn that there is a big difference between explaining “That’s not totally for me, is there another thing you’d be into that would both get us really hot?” and a rude comment like “omg eww what’s wrong with you? Freak!”. People are understandably sensitive about their sexuality and it takes a brave soul to bear your sexuality to a partner, family and friends, so try to be understanding.

5. And finally… the most important… COMMUNICATE!!!!!!

This was what my last article was about, so pardon the repetition. But this is really going to be the number one thing that is gonna propel you into an ultimate sex goddess for 2017. Better communication will help your sex life and relationship bloom. If you are feeling in a sex rut, or want something new, or just want to be closer to your partner, look to communication. It is quite possible that communication is at the centre of any issue, and regardless it can only make things better. For more tips of communication check out my last article about it!

So here’s to 2017! Health, happiness and healthy happy sex!!! Much love!



What are your resolutions? Drop me a line!

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