Thinking Of Having Sex In Public Places? Read This!
21 Feb 2017

Thinking Of Having Sex In Public Places? Read This!



As you may recall, one of the resolutions I gave you for better sex in the New Year was to get out of your comfort zone and try something new. Well we passed the pressures of Valentine’s Day, let’s go back to our resolutions shall we? But how can we do this? Well today I’m going to talk about something that can definitely be out of the comfort zone for many, but can be very exciting: having sex in public! For some, the idea of getting caught, or just the change of scenery can be a big turn on, and many a relationship can benefit from this. But for others it can be quite anxiety causing! So if this is something you or your partner want to try, here are some tips for getting it on in public without having a panic attack.


Start small.

You might not be sure how into this you are (and if you aren’t at all that’s totally OK), but are curious, or have a curious partner. Remember that public sex doesn’t mean you have to do the whole deed in plain sight. You can start out with a little bit of PDA to spice things up. If you are out together sneak in some kisses, start getting comfortable with the idea of being a bit sensual in public. If you are at a restaurant you can touch their body with your hands, legs or feet under the table. This way, you can get touchy without anyone knowing. This can be super hot even if it’s something PG 13 like touching each other’s thighs (if you’re feeling it, you can also use this trick for a more R rated version) . You can also go for the big makeout sesh. Being that couple who is hardcore making out with each other with absolutely no shame at the bar can be pretty exciting and fun sometimes. Just don’t do it when you are having a serious dinner with friends or coworkers or family, but if you’re around strangers… who cares what they think! Remember when you were a teen and would make out for hours in the corner of the party? Take a trip to the past, get handsy and use lots of tongue to switch things up. Don’t be afraid to get creative, there are ways to tap into the excitement of public sex without having to go all the way. Even something simple like whispering in your partner’s ear what kind of underwear you are wearing, and how you can’t wait to take them off, could be enough to make the outing end early!

Create the excitement yourself.

You can also get the excitement of public sex without really having to be in  public. BUT HOW? Well, what is really exciting is the idea of getting caught. So there are a few ways to trick your mind and give you that rush. You can have sex right before expecting people to come over, making you feel hurried since they may arrive any time! Or if you have roommates, having sex when you know they are around and trying to be as quiet as possible can also be a turn on. Or, stay in the comfort of your home but keep the blinds a little open, people may not be able to see you but being able to look outside will make it feel more daring.

Finally, if you decide you want to go “all the way”, please keep in mind that as exciting as it may be to you, it’s not really that cool for the person who finds you mid uhh.. thrust. You want to be respectful of others and avoid traumatizing someone right? (Put yourself in their shoes!) This doesn’t mean to not do it, but be aware and careful. Also keep in mind that if the police catch you…you will get in trouble.  A park that is not too busy and covered by a lot of trees, a bathroom at a party or bar that is lockable, your car (remember being a teen?), the forest, a pool when no one else is around, a remote beach…these are the kind of places where you can get the privacy you need. If you want to be extra discreet, wear a skirt for…easy access. Also keep in mind that no matter how exciting and in the moment things get, being protected is important. Keep condoms in your purse if you think this might be your kind of adventure.  Be safe!  

Have you tried this? Let me know your comments below! Always happy to respond.


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