Skye Playing Tennis
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11 Aug 2016

The Wonders of Playing Tennis

Today our star collaborator Skye Tostowaryk went playing tennis, the perfect sport for Summer!  And now with the Summer Olympics in Rio 2016 we can’t but get all excited about all the activities we can do outdoors.

The feeling of hitting the ball and really connecting is just incredible. When you start learning it might take some time to get there but once your balance and coordination start developing, you start connecting and it becomes really fun.

Burn Calories

Skye told us “An hour of tennis burns about 378 calories” – You know how much is that? That’s almost half of the amount of calories in a bar of dark chocolate (884 calories).  That doesn’t sound too bad for some fun doesn’t it?

BE safe though, warm up, and try to find a friendly coach who will get you going safely!

Happy Tennis!

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