Surviving Valentine’s Day in The City
09 Feb 2017

Surviving Valentine’s Day in The City


So you’ve made it through the holidays embracing your singledom and kissed your champagne glass on New Years, ready to start anew in 2017. You think you’re finally in the clear and walk into CVS to refill your monthly RX, when all of a sudden your vision is constructed by walls of red and pink fur. You guessed it, V-Day is upon us.

Twenty-somethings (and pretty much everybody according to our editor) usually fall into one of two Valentines Day camps. The couples who embrace the annual celebration of love, planning romantic eves to commemorate their partnership and filling our grams with red roses captioned “lucky girl!”. The other 50% of singles tend to experience slightly more bitter reactions to the so-called “hallmark holiday” and allow a mere 24 hours to impact their mood and perception of self worth.

Whether or not you “believe” in February 14th, the day is on the calendar and fairly inescapable for anyone living in a metropolitan area. As someone who’s spent the majority of her V-Days riding solo, I’ve learned resenting the holiday is not only a futile effort, but completely counterproductive to our ongoing commitment to positive living. What’s important to remember is that Valentines Day isn’t just a celebration of relationships, but of LOVE in it’s broader capacity. Love of self, Love of friends, family, pets, meditation… you name it. I do understand that’s easier said than done, especially when the day creeps up on you. Below are three Valentines Day Activities for my single ladies with a big black mark on their February Calendar that DON’T involve hour long waits for table of two dinner reservations.



Singles Happy Hour

Even though February 14th 2017 falls on a Tuesday, New York City thankfully doesn’t recognize “school nights,” and there’s a movement of “Single Awareness Parties” planned at bars in almost every New York City neighborhood. The idea isn’t to be anti-Valentines Day, it’s to use it as an excuse for singles everywhere to gather, have a cocktail or two, and celebrate amongst other solos. Not only is this a great opportunity to meet a potential SO (nothing like weeding out the unavailables like V-Day), but at minimum a good time to kick back and enjoy some discounted beverages.

One especially noteworthy event is Rough Trade NYC’s “Tearin Up My Heart” Nostalgia Valentines Day Dance party, right in the heart of Brooklyn’s vibrant Williamsburg neighborhood. For just $5 you can dance the night away listening to oldschool 90’s jams that served as the soundtrack to that first formative highschool romance (Jessica Simpson “In this Skin” anyone)? If you can afford a late start to Wednesday morning, this event is sure to make your 2017 V-Day one for the books!


If mid-week sugar based cocktails gives you an instant-headache, take a more meditative approach focusing on continuing to pour love into your mind and body. After a day of avoiding Instagram and power ballads, you deserve to unwind with a restorative yoga sesh. In NYC we tend to kick things up a notch, and there’s actually a yoga class that pairs pinot with planks, offering wine-infused classes at Area Yoga. Stretch it out and exhale the anxiety around fellow spiritual singles, then follow those endorphins by complimentary wine and chocolate. No doubt this night of self-love will have you chanting “Namaste-single!”

Galentines Day

If your friends also find themselves date-less for the night, join forces and commit the squad to embracing a night of positivity instead of personifying the phrase “misery loves company.” Plan a celebration of gal-pal-dom and queue up the Netflix! There’s nothing more unifying than feasting on fudge brownies wearing mud masks while binging relatable cinematic anti-fairytales. May I suggest Judd Appatow’s charming dark comedy gem, “Love,” or Bravo’s surprisingly refreshing modern-day Sex And The City series, “Girlfriends Guide to Divorce?”

If you feel like truly embracing the day’s ethos, allow yourselves to be corny for a moment and take turns going around and mentioning one thing you “LOVE” about each friend. I know, it may induce eye-rolls, but often time career-driven singles go months without hearing these affirmations from others. Hearing genuine appreciation from third parties (outside your immediate family) can go a long way in boosting your confidence and bettering your sisterly bond with one another. Don’t be afraid to hug it out!



Want more small ways to spread the warm-and-fuzzies throughout the day? Indulge your mother and give her a call, send an estranged childhood friend a kind message, donate to charity, eat chocolate, the list goes on… All of these acts will help boost endorphins and transform any feeling of anxiety into contentment. Remember, Valentines Day is 24 hours and has come and gone every year without your world shattering!  How are you celebrating?

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