Ignite Your Inner Stay-At-Home Athlete – Part II
19 Oct 2016

Ignite Your Inner Stay-At-Home Athlete – Part II


Last week, I reintroduced the concept in of bringing fitness back home to compliment the changes that take place in your life when you experience love, loss, a new career path, a big move or a new baby. Exercising at home, can save you time and help to create positive and healthy living habits. You may also experience greater consistency with your workouts and find comfort in your training preferences.

    Now that you are starting to see how training at home can be a lifestyle change to get excited about, let’s consider three variables in creating an at home wellness routine. These variables are your workout space, equipment, and fitness plan.

Your Workout Space

    All that’s really needed for your in-home-gym is enough space to fit a yoga mat and some creativity. When I get ready to do my own in-home workout, I typically will lay my yoga mat down in the living room, clearing the abundance of toddler toys that have taken over the space. Occasionally, I make use of my long hallway, which is great for walking lunges, crawl exercises jumps and sprints. If you have a staircase in your home or building, these can add a serious high-intensity drill or low impact cardio exercise to your workout. You may even have a spare room you decide would be great to designate as your home gym or workout space. Big space or small, just get moving!


    Equipment is not necessary to be fit, though it can help to have something that will challenge you and help build lean muscle mass. Today, there are many inexpensive, portable, and versatile fitness products geared for home or office exercise.

If you don’t have equipment but would like some ideas, one of my favorites is resistance bands. They’re highly discreet, easy to use, and provide many different options for strength training.

A stability ball (also known as a swiss ball)  is another great option. I recommend these, as they are adaptable for every fitness level, replace the need for a bench or seat for many exercises, and can be used to create many fun and challenging workouts.

Suspension training gear, like the TRX is another fitness product I use at home and with clients. Though this equipment is a bit more of an investment than resistant bands or stability balls,  it’s very durable and highly effective for strength endurance and core stabilization training.

Remember to look around your home, you may have furniture and objects surrounding you that can work double duty as a piece of equipment. By the way, ten-pound babies to thirty-pound toddlers can make an excellent weight resistance accompaniment to any workout. Kids loves getting involved and it can be a special time to connect with your little ones.

Fitness Plan/Program

     With your space made up and your preferred equipment ready to go, you are now the director of your new fitness studio!  A few questions to ask yourself; What kind of programming will you follow? What schedule will you keep? Will you workout on your own or with assistance? It’s nice to have guidance and a plan when you have your goals set. Following a program and planning your schedule will help to keep you accountable and consistent.

    Apps can be a simple tool for generating a variety of simple to challenging workouts tailored to meet your available time, fitness level, equipment or no equipment preferences and workout style. -High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Strength Training, Yoga, CrossFit or Aerobic- Most apps will also include fitness trackers to track completed workouts and remind you to schedule future ones.

    If you are a visual person like me, you like to see the exercises and be motivated by a personality. The web is full of amazing fitness trainers that provide free or paid video workouts for every training style you can think of. No matter how specific, like a glute and leg workout, or general, like a high-intensity workout, there’s a online video library available at your fingertips. You may want to look for workout programs that provide a series of videos that you can work though overtime, rather than searching for specific workouts each day. By following a program that’s already set, this will take the guess work out of what exercises or muscles to train each session.

    Like to have immediate feedback and live motivation while you exercise? Today, you can connect with personal trainers virtually on the web or in-person for a scheduled in-home training session. Your trainer will design a program specific to your goals and your fitness level. Your trainer may even provide you with additional workouts to follow that can all be done on your own. Another bonus to having a trainer at your home, is you don’t have to add on a gym membership in addition to training. Many trainers will also provide you with all the equipment you need during a session. The well-experienced trainers will also be very creative finding solutions and uses for make-shift equipment and workout tools.

Also if you want a more well-rounded approach with help to plan your nutrition properly, organize your schedule and have somebody follow up and motivate you throughout the day, you can consider Fitinyourdress.com programs. These programs are on the higher end of pricing compared to other online available plans but with these you get a Wellness Role Model assigned to you who will encourage you, monitor you and ensure you’re on the right track. Highly recommended! If you want to know more about these, you can always write to get more information.

    Are you ready to get started? Try it out? Make it a challenge and set a goal for in-home training. If you already have a gym membership or fitness class you attend your in-home workout can be a great compliment to the days you don’t make it to the gym or class.  

I would love to hear about your in-home training and where in your home you do your workout, what equipment you enjoy using and some of your most creative ideas you’ve come up with for for your at home wellness routine! Drop me a line below!

Naomi Johnston



Ignite Your Inner Stay-At-Home Athlete – Part I

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