Getting Sexy Under The Influence (Cannabis)
29 Nov 2016

Getting Sexy Under The Influence (Cannabis)

Recently, marijuana or cannabis has been making headlines. Many American states have now legalized marijuana and it has been in the talks for a while in Canada. It may come as a surprise, but people have been using weed to improve their sex life for centuries! Some therapist have even recommend to patients to use marijuana to help them with problems in the bedroom! So today I am going to go over some of the benefits and negative effects of this substance as I did a couple weeks ago with alcohol. As I mentioned previously, I am not encouraging anyone to take these substances but to inform.

It has been found that a smoking sesh before a bedroom sesh can turn people on! Many claim it can definitely increase libido, which can be awesome if that is something you find yourself struggling with. Another bonus experienced by many is increased sensitivity. When high, many feel as if all their senses: sight, taste, smell, hearing and touch, are fine tuned, increasing sexual experiences. What is most probably the best part about sex when under the influence of pot though, is the relaxation. Some people have a hard time relaxing during intercourse which makes the experience less pleasurable. If you are more relaxed you will most likely be more in tune with your body, be in the present moment, and fully immerse yourself into the experience. Marijuana has been found useful for many women who have a hard time achieving orgasms because they are unable to get out of their head and relax during sex.  Weed can also help you feel more emotionally connected to your partner, make sessions feel like they last longer, increase the sensation of orgasms and the intensity of sex in general. However, these effects are ONLY found if you are able to relax. Weed can give some people anxiety or make them feel paranoid, which is definitely not relaxing for anyone. If this is the case for you when you are stoned, you will most likely not feel any of the benefits! So, as with any other substance, it is really important to know yourself and your personal limits. Another problem…being too relaxed! Weed can relax some people to the point of sleepiness ( this also depends on how much you take and how accustomed to the drug you are), if you are too relaxed and sleepy you will most probably feel to lazy to have sex…maybe you guys can order pizza instead?

As for the physical effects, marijuana has been known to reduce sperm count, and cause vaginal dryness (and mouth dryness too)! Vaginal dryness can make intercourse very difficult, and well mouth dryness doesn’t make for the best kissing or oral sex. Lowering sperm count is a risk that only you know if you are willing to take. Just like any substance, marijuana has some effects to your health, so moderation is always best. It is definitely not the best idea to plan to try it for the first time for a sex session, maybe figure out how it affects you first, as the results can truly vary from person to person. One interesting thing to note, compared to alcohol, people who have sex when high are less at risk of making dangerous decisions like not wearing a condom. However, it is still possible to be too high and forget about this important step. So if you know yourself and think this might be something you could do, or if you are with someone completely new, this may not be the best idea. As I always say, keeping condoms on hand is the best way to avoid forgetting them.

On a funny note, there actually exists a lubricant for woman that is infused with marijuana!! Some women claim it helps them have intense and long orgasms! I have personally never tried it, but it may be a fun option for someone who is curious but doesn’t want to actually smoke or ingest weed!

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