On Female Masturbation Part 3: Mutual
04 Oct 2016

On Female Masturbation Part 3: Mutual


So, over the last few weeks we have learned about masturbation; first I discussed how normal (and healthy) masturbation is, and last week I gave a few techniques. For the last part of this series, I propose masturbation with a partner! Have you ever touched yourself in front or with the help of a partner? If not, I urge you to try so ASAP. Here are the reasons why giving yourself pleasure in front of your partner is one of the best gifts you can give to your partner and to yourself.

Reason 1: Teach them!

Maybe your partner is new, or maybe they aren’t quite successful when it comes to touching you down there… which is kinda normal! Every woman is different and can like varying pressures, speeds, places to be touched, techniques, etc. Chances are your partner is basing themselves on previous experiences when they touch you, and it is quite possible that what their previous partner loved if not at all your cup of tea. Plus, if you are not giving them any clues, they may be way off.  So the first reason why touching yourself in front of your partner can be amazing is that this way they will be able to see what you do to help yourself get off. Don’t be shy to say things like “I really love this” to drive the point home. It’s a great way to get what you want without bruising an ego.

Reason 2: Drive them crazy

Ok so let’s just be honest. Watching someone who turns us on touch themselves is just plain hot. Giving a little show to your partner is sure to excite them. Not only is it a great turn on visually but it’s a change from the usual and will be exciting for them. If you are feeling shy feel reassured that they will love it, so close your eyes and relax. Once you see how much your partner is enjoying the view, your confidence will skyrocket and you won’t be feeling shy anymore. It is also a pretty intimate experience that will definitely help you feel connected. You can encourage them to touch themselves as they watch you, watch each other together, help you masturbate by touching and kissing your body and genitals, or just let them enjoy the show.

Reason 3: Get comfortable

If you feel uncomfortable with your body and or sexuality, masturbating in front of a partner is a great way to push yourself pass those feelings, let your guard down and get in touch with yourself. As I mentioned above, seeing a partner getting so turned on by just you is a major ego boost. Mainly, taking control of your sexuality and your orgasm even with a partner nearby can feel pretty empowering and will most likely make you feel like a sex goddess. It can feel odd and scary at first, but I really urge you to give it a try. Especially, if you have body issues. This is one fantastic way to get closer to loving yourself… literally!

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