On Female Masturbation Part 2: Advice
27 Sep 2016

On Female Masturbation Part 2: Advice


Last week we discussed masturbation and how it is a normal part of a healthy life. Maybe you are a masturbation pro, but if you are new to it or just want to switch things up, here are some tips to help you get closer to that big O.

First things first, you need to remember that every woman is different. What may feel good to one person could actually be painful to another. So the key is to not be shy to explore different moves, pressures, speeds, and parts of your body to find out what feels good. You need to just get comfortable with your body and get exploring.

Using your hands: the original way of masturbating! What you want to do first is get comfortable and lay down on your back with your legs open. Contrary to what some may think, opening your legs really wide will not help you reach an orgasm any better. If you are having a difficult time reaching an orgasm or are new to masturbating in general, keep your legs slightly open but not too wide. Your legs can be extended or your knees bent, but try contracting your leg and ab muscles occasionally or raising your hips occasionally, it can be really helpful in reaching an orgasm! Now lets get down to the technique: many women are big fans of using four fingers to rub their clitoris in a circular motion, with varying speed and pressure, but this is not the only technique or necessarily the one you want to start with. You can try stroking the clitoris and labia up and down with one finger, rubbing the clitoris side to side, touching yourself while inserting one or more fingers inside your vagina or even pinching or flicking the clitoris. If you tend to be on the sensitive side, direct stimulation to the clitoris can painful. If this is the case, you can rub yourself over your clitoral hood or even higher up above your clitoris (the clitoris extends)! If you are more someone who is not sensitive enough, pull back your clitoral hood with two fingers so that your clitoris is more exposed. Whatever technique you use, start slowly and try to be in tune to what feels nice. Remember there’s no wrong way to masturbate. Also don’t give up! It may take a while to reach an orgasm at first when you are inexperienced, but the more often you try it out the better you will get at knowing what gets you there and the more of a masturbation pro you will become! Most women take about 20 minutes to climax, so don’t be weirded out if you aren’t cranking an orgasm in 3 minutes. Take some time in your day where you can devote a good half hour to practicing. Practice does make perfect.

Using a toy: nowadays there are so many sex toys out there meant for women that everyone can find something that works for them. You can find a toy that is insertable or one that vibrates…or one that can do both! For some women a vibrator right on the clitoris is a very fast way of reaching an orgasm, but it may be too intense to go directly to the clitoris, try rubbing the vibrator around different parts of your body and work up to your most sensitive spots. If you are new to buying sex toys, most employees at sex shops are glad to help and will give you great advice, but if you’re feeling shy, there are many great online stores that let you buy toys in the comfort of your own home. Check out reviews to get a better idea of what you might like. Just remember to keep sex toys clean! You can buy specific cleansing products for sex toys that wont degrade the material and keep them bacteria free.

Showerhead: this is the old school sex toy. If you don’t know now, let me let you in one of women’s best secrets. The pressure of water coming out of a showerhead can feel amazing and get you to an orgasm incredibly quickly. Once again play with the pressure of the water to find what you like. Plus you can do this in the shower without no one having to know what you are up to.

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