6 Tips For A Healthy Sex Life During The Holiday Season
06 Dec 2016

6 Tips For A Healthy Sex Life During The Holiday Season

Although the winter holidays can be a fantastic time of the year, filled with family, fun and joy, it can also be a very busy and stressful time. So how do you maintain a sex life when you can barely manage grabbing breakfast? As we have said before, sex is important for your health and well being, and for the health and well being of a relationship. So here are some tips so that sex doesn’t end up on the sidelines this holiday season.

1. Make some choices.

During this time of the year, there are many parties, get togethers and events to go to. Sometimes these can feel like obligations, but you are allowed to say no. Choose which celebrations you really feel like going to and learn to respectfully decline invitations that are less meaningful to you. This will help you feel less stressed out (which means better sex) and it will free up your schedule as well.

2. Try to set up little dates.

Sometimes it can be something very simple, like taking a walk, or having some hot chocolate by the fireside, or watching your favourite Christmas movie together. A good goal to aim for is one little date a week. These may not always end up in sex but they will definitely go a long way improving your relationship and sex life. Little things add up!

3. Run errands together.

If you both have some gift shopping to do, take the time to go together! Try and take a day off so you are not doing this in between two other errands. This way you can make a fun activity over what originally seemed like a job.

4. Naughty gifts.

Get your partner a present that’s a little more R-rated to perk things up. This can be a sex toy, or just being sexually generous to your partner. (Maybe they really like oral sex?) Surprise them with a gift of whatever they like sexually, but asking nothing in return. We are sure they will be very pleased.

5. Embrace the quickie.

Sometimes, even when you are really busy, it feels good to know that we are still being desired by our partner regardless of the hustle and bustle. Surprising your partner with a quickie can be really hot, showing that you can’t resist them even during your busy schedule, without cutting too much into your time! It’s a win win. Even better, give them just a tease. Leave them wanting more and things will really heat up when you finally get time to get down! *Bonus: Carry protection and all the hygiene essentials with you all so when it’s all done and done you can get holiday-proper in a jiffy.

6. Take any opportunity to talk.

This time of the year is a great time to have some important talks with your partner. With the new year coming around, if there are some issues in your sex life (maybe you want more sex, or you’ve always wanted to try something), now is the time to talk about them. As always, make sure to bring up issues out of the bedroom: when you are having dinner or doing a calm activity.

The holidays can be an incredibly romantic time of the year, so instead of viewing all of this as one big stressful pain in the butt, look at it as an opportunity to connect with your partner; whether it is sexually or emotionally, it will make your holidays all that more special. Finally we wish you all a happy, stress-free, healthy, and sexy holiday season!

How are you celebrating? Drop me a line below!

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