Hillary Clinton Presidential Nominee 2016
08 Jun 2016

History Made: Hillary Clinton First Woman To Be US Presidential Nominee

Lately it seems everywhere we turn we hear loud angry voices calling for segregation, discrimination and isolation. This is why it’s so refreshing -read delightful- to witness the first woman in the history of the USA to become the nominee for President of a major party.

Regardless of her politics, or our politics, we can’t but be excited for seeing such a disciplined, hard-working and inspiring woman, wife and mother, make it all the way to the top of her party.

It’s certainly refreshing to see the world is not as grim as some may make it seem and yes, there’s hope for opportunities, for empowerment, for change.

All of us at Fitinyourdress.com and our parent company Purple Empower Inc., we are certainly delighted.


Suggested reading from the NY Times:  Hillary Clinton’s Long, Grueling Quest

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