Sexy Loving Food Ideas For Valentine’s Day
13 Feb 2017

Sexy Loving Food Ideas For Valentine’s Day


Barely recovering from the sabotage of the holidays, and struggling with New Year’s resolutions, along comes the holiday where it’s all about “sugar and spice and everything nice”.   Here are some ways you can be sweet to your sweetheart without giving your diet resolutions a coronary:

Breakfast in Bed

Starting valentines in bed with that special someone is a great way to start off the holiday. Enjoying Omega- 3 fatty acid eggs are a good choice because they have the heart healthy fats and loaded with B vitamins. B vitamins are known to help increase blood flow, boost mood and energy levels. Eggs also contain cholesterol that helps build testosterone and increase male libido.


Lunch… Quickie?

Breakfast in bed is not always practical with the morning commute, and children needing to get to school.  But perhaps making the time for a leisurely lunch is a better option. Taking the time to eat lunch with your loved one that includes a salad with dark greens, a fatty fish and avocado can not only be helpful to your waistline but also your sex drive. Dark greens like spinach, kale and chard contains numerous vitamins and minerals that can stabilize blood sugar, increase metabolism and put you in the “right  mood”. They also contain iron that will prevent fatigue and increase stamina. Avocado’s texture, taste, appearance and nutrient content have all been documented to increase sexual pleasure. Salmon or other shellfish will stimulate circulation and blood flow to the essential areas.

Dinner… With Love

If lunch can’t happen then perhaps a savory supper is the best way to your love’s heart. Whether your Valentine is a vegetarian or meat eater eating foods that contain L-Arginine have been shown to help prevent erectile dysfunction. Chicken, fish, peas, beans, nuts and lentils are good sources of this amino acid. Adding some spice to the meal can heat up any night. Chilli peppers or jalapeños instantly cause blood vessels to expand and increase blood flow to all organs.

Dessert Is What We Want

Finally, if at the end of the day a meal couldn’t be shared then perhaps a delectable dessert will seal the deal for this Valentine’s.


Watermelon is nature’s Viagra. Studies have shown that watermelon has similar effects on the body as Viagra! It relaxes the blood vessels and increase circulation. The best part is that watermelon has been shown to improve cardiovascular and prostate health.

Topping low fat Greek yogurt with pumpkin seeds, currants and a dab of honey is an aphrodisiac parfait. Pumpkin seeds are high in zinc that is crucial for healthy sperm and preventing testosterone deficiency. They and currants contain potassium that helps prevent the narrowing of blood vessels that inhibits blood flow. Other potassium rich sweets are strawberries, bananas, and apricots. Honey can increase stamina, estrogen production in women, and testosterone in men!

Let’s Not Forget The Essentials!

What’s Valentine’s Day without chocolate? Pure dark chocolate has been shown in some research to increase sexual fulfillment and pleasure. Melt 1 oz. dark chocolate and drizzle it on anything you love to eat (Strawberries are a good option).

Don’t let cupid’s arrow pierce your healthy diet resolve….when all else fails try unwrapping your partner instead of the box of chocolates.

How are you celebrating? Write me below! Here’s to eating well

Tracy Satov

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Tracy Satov

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