Coping With Injury: What The Big City Taught Me
26 Mar 2017

Coping With Injury: What The Big City Taught Me


For the vast majority of my ongoing love/hate relationship with NYC, I, like so many of you, have had the distinct pleasure (and occasional displeasure) of reaping the city’s fitness rewards. You start out in hot yoga, dip your feet in the cold waters a of Cirque Du Soleil style trapeze class, and eventually convince yourself it will be fun to challenge yourself with the latest wild workout that words struggle to accurately describe. And of course, on the days when you flat out refuse to exercise, your decision’s easily justified, as you probably circumnavigated the city at marathon pace a few times over. It all worked, your body feels and looks great.



Recently, I woke up with a nice new feeling of foot pain after a day of aggressive tabata. Obviously, your girl was smiling from ear to ear. I was thrilled to take a few hours out of my very relaxed and not-at-all busy New York City Girl schedule and fork over my loose change so a doctor could gawk at my stiletto fitters. Verdict? Perineal Tendonitis. Enter panic mode. What’s a girl to do being unable to fast-walk in the world’s most demanding and mobility challenged city? Worse still, we all know bikini bodies are built in the Spring. It’s no time to be taking breaks from the gym.

After my initial freak-out settled and I went into design-thinking mode, I realized there are plenty of solutions out there for us walking-wounded. Here are some tips for coping with being injured in the Big Apple:

Listen to Your Damn Doctor

I hate being told what to do. If someone tells me to jump, I’ll never ask how high. Instead, I’ll choose to sit down just to spite them, and then tell that entitled, pretentious know-it-all where to go and how to get there. That’s what they can do with their jumping.

With that said, everyone has to set their ego aside occasionally, and an injury is one of those times. Most of us don’t have medical degrees hanging on the wall, and there’s nothing wrong with that, but unless you have that piece of paper, you should probably resign yourself to the fact you don’t know squat about the human body. The inner workings of how the knee bone’s connected to the thigh bone, the thigh bone’s connected to the hip bone, the hip bone’s connected to the back bone, and all that jazz is just a little too complicated for you. Your doctor, on the other hand, has their diagnosis on lock. They know the prescription, so listen to them.

If your doctor tells you to take it easy in your workouts, take it easy. If they tell you you’re only allowed to swim, only swim. If you’re told to cool it altogether, then enjoy your break, because if you don’t listen to your doctor, you run the risk of prolonging your recovery time, or even making your injury worse. It’s hard, I know. You’ll want to push the limits, but don’t. You’ll only make things worse.



Travel Intelligently

If you’ve picked up an injury, one of your doc’s recommendations will undoubtedly be to stay off your feet and rest up. However, just because you’re resigned to walking less does not mean your wallet needs to suffer. If you can, take up a spot on the couch and work from home. If that isn’t an option, you have a few alternatives, but they all take planning. You may not know it, but many well established companies/corporations will offer to cover some of your transportation costs. Check in with your HR rep, see what’s on offer. That taxi ride won’t seem so soul-crushing when it’s on your company’s dime.

If your company won’t take care of it, no bother: look into ride sharing. You don’t want to get your monthly bill and see half of it went to Uber! Be smart and give yourself enough time to pool with Uber or Via. You have plenty of options as long as you take the time to think of them.

Get Creative

This last tip may seem painstakingly annoying, but if you’re living in NYC – battling high cost apartments, homeless sex creeps, and daily subway wars – then there’s no doubt about it, you’re a strong, dedicated, tenacious woman. There’s also a pretty strong likelihood you’re creative. What all this means is that there’s no way you’re going to let your fitness slide. Find it deep within yourself to come up with a solution. Maybe you do 100 planks a night, maybe you decide to pick up swimming (heads up ladies, this is a great alternative; super hard, super rewarding), maybe you design a perfectly balanced diet that fits every need; find the solution that works for you.

Whatever you do, be confident. You’re a creative, strong-willed warrior, and you won’t let this injury get the better of you. Now get out there and fight the grind. 

How have you coped with injury in the past? Let me know below!

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