Condoms: So Many Choices, We Tell You What’s Best
22 Mar 2017

Condoms: So Many Choices, We Tell You What’s Best



As mentioned in many of my articles, condoms are of incredible importance when it comes to protecting ourselves against sexually transmitted infections and preventing pregnancy. Having condoms in your purse and at home will ensure that you won’t ever be caught in the heat of the moment without one, and is a responsible action to take. However, when you go to the pharmacy and check out the condom aisle, it can be a little intimidating! So many different styles and sizes! Flavors?! Heat?! Texture? It can get confusing. So this week I have for a you a breakdown of what is available out there so that it can make shopping a little more easier. If you have a regular partner, it is a good idea to ask them what they prefer (especially in uh..sizing). You can even make it a fun activity to choose some together. If you are solo and are buying some for a possibly unknown future encounter, it is probably best to stick with the basic/average ones. You may also want to consider if the condom will be used mainly for play (see edible condom), or for actual protection.




Let’s start with the basics. Latex is the material used for most condoms, and these are usually the most popular types. They will protect against pregnancy and STIs if used properly. They are relatively stretchable but are often available in larger sizes for larger members out there!


This is a great option for those who are allergic to latex, or for those who don’t enjoy the sensation or smell of latex condoms. Nowadays pretty much every pharmacy/drug store will carry this option. Usually they are made thin, but don’t come in as many varieties and sizes as the latex ones. Some popular brands of these are SKYN by Lifestyles or Supra BareSkin by Trojan.


All condom brands nowadays offer various kinds of condoms that are made to be thin. These can range in thinness (thin, extra-thin, naked, etc.) and are usually a matter of personal preference. The benefit of these is that for people who feel like they get less of a sensation with condoms, the thinness will make it feel in some cases like there isn’t even one on! Many people choose these kinds as their favourite, the bonus is they are just as protective as regular ones!




Ribbed/ her pleasure/ his pleasure

Many condom brands now offer condoms that are shaped in various ways with the intent of increasing pleasure for either partner. Some are ribbed on the inside, some on the outside, some on both inside and outside, and some have larger tips. Once again this is often a question of personal preference. One woman could love using condoms that are ribbed on the outside while another woman may hate the sensation. So if you’re unsure, start with a three pack to experiment. This way if you aren’t crazy about the sensation you won’t have wasted a bunch of money.


Some people like flavoured condoms because they like using them during oral sex. Some flavours can be great, and others…not so much. So its up to you to adventure in this domain and find out what flavours are for you. Keep in mind, that though most of them are approved in terms of STI and pregnancy protection… if you have a sensitive vagina you may want to keep them for oral sex only. Unless you enjoy getting yeast infections.


Some condoms create a warming sensation as they are used (the friction will make them get hotter). Personally, this has no appeal to me (things get warm enough down there thank you) but for some this can be very exciting. Be careful, some get very warm.


Yes, edible condoms do exist…ones that you put on and then…eat off! These condoms are more for fun and foreplay than actual intercourse. They won’t protect you against pregnancy and STIs and will most definitely aggravate you down there. See these as a kinky toy more than a way to safe sex.

So there you have it! With so many varieties, you are sure to find something for you and your partner that will both keep you protected and get you excited!

Let me know your comments below! Always happy to hear from you!

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