Demystifying the Clitoris: Anatomy and Stimulation
13 Dec 2016

Demystifying the Clitoris: Anatomy and Stimulation


Today we are going to start covering a small anatomical part that plays a very BIG BIG ROLE in every woman’s life! For many women, the clitoris is the MVP of female genitalia, playing a key part in pleasure and orgasms. There is so much that we can talk about when it comes to my bestie the clitoris, so for today let’s begin with a little anatomy lesson.  Before I dive in, ladies, don’t be afraid to grab that mirror and look at what you have. The design down there can be a little complex, and taking a look will help you understand what is going on. The more we understand our anatomies the more comfortable we become with ourselves and that means maximizing healthy pleasure.

The clitoris looks like a small button and is placed above the urethra (a tiny hole above the vaginal opening out of which women urinate, no women DO NOT urinate from the vaginal opening). The clitoris has a little “hood” over it, which depending on individuals can cover the clitoris more or less. Pulling upwards on the hood (gently) can help reveal the clitoris. For some women direct stimulation to the clitoris is too intense and they prefer stimulation over the hood, but if you find yourself having a hard time getting the right amount of stimulation, pulling back the hood to reveal more of the clitoris can be helpful!

The head of the clitoris has about 8000 sensory nerve endings and is about the shape of a pea (it varies amongst individuals).  For comparison, it has double nerve endings than the glans of the penis! This explains why it is so sensitive, even light strokes can give some women a huge amount of pleasure. This is only the part that can be seen on the outside though! Your clitoris actually extends inside and this is why sometimes butting pressure or rubbing the pubic mound (top of the vagina, where the pubic hair starts growing) will feel good. Scientists still argue about how deeply the clitoris extends inside, with many now believing that the famous “g-spot” is actually an extension of the clitoris that can be felt inside the vagina. For the moment though, no consensus has been reached on this. Needless to say, the vagina and clitoris are complex!

The clitoral area fills with blood and gets larger when aroused, but scientist still debate whether it is actually made of erectile tissue. Regardless, it is definitely by stimulation of the clitoris that most women will reach orgasm. Right before an orgasm one can usually notice that it will be especially enlarged before the big O. For many different ways on how to stimulate the clitoris you can go see my articles on masturbation (part 1, part 2, part 3), but here’s a recap:

1. Different women like different things, so experiment!

2. You can vary pressure, speed and type of strokes (up and down, sideways, circular motions, even tapping and pinching. Start of slow and increase the pressure and speed when you feel you need more)
3. For many women, starting with very light touches can help get them aroused and lubricated, and then more pressure and speed when they are close to orgasm will help them go over the edge
4. Of course you can also experiment with various toys and also using penetration at the same time as stimulation.

Woman who are sexually inexperienced or new to such experiences often neglect the clitoris simply because they, or their partner, are not aware of its importance.  If you are having difficulty having orgasms during intercourse it may be because your are mainly focusing on penetration (most women actually don’t orgasm with just this)! Incorporating clitoral stimulation will be very helpful here, believe me!

So this holiday season, give yourself a clitoris gift! Learn to explore your body, don’t be ashamed of it, grab that mirror and check yourself out! Our bodies and vaginas are amazing; the pleasure possibilities become endless when we discover this!

Happy holidays celebrating? If you have any questions or comments, drop me a line below!

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