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29 Mar 2017

Best Tips On How To Use A Condom RIGHT



Last week we discussed all the types of condoms that are available to you. With all these types there is surely one that will fit your needs. This week we are going to discuss how the condom actually works and how to properly use it as well as some useful tips to incorporate it into your sex life.

Condoms are worn on the man’s penis during sex. By preventing the exchange of fluids the condom prevents both partners from STIs and other infections. Condoms are between 98 and 99 percent effective. For it to be fully effective it must be worn properly! It may seem obvious, but some simple mistakes can have very serious consequences, so here are guidelines to proper condom use.

Check The Date!

Condoms do expire so always check the best before date that is found on the wrapper! Do not use any condom that has expired.



Store Properly

Condoms should be stored in dry spaces at room temperature. Too much heat and too much cold can damage the condom… as well as sunlight (that means don’t leave it in your parked car)! One common mistake is putting a condom in a wallet. The constant opening and closing of the wallet can cause wear and tear, so this is not a very safe place for long term storage. For men who sometimes don’t have much of an option when going out, here’s a trick: you can put it in your wallet for that night, but when you come home (if you didn’t end up using it) put it back into proper storage. Being in your wallet one night won’t destroy it, but having it stay there over time can. That being said, always always check the condom before using it. If the package is sticky, torn or seems damaged in anyway – throw it out. Better safe than sorry is your moto here. For women, a small pocket in your purse is a perfect place.

Put It On Properly

How you put the condom on can have a huge effect on its effectiveness. Here are the steps to proper condom wear.

1. When opening the package, be gentle. Make sure to not rip the condom.

2. Place the condom on an erect penis. If the man is uncircumcised, pull down the foreskin. Pinch the top of the condom to leave place for the semen to accumulate (can skip this step if condom comes with reservoir), and roll the condom down the penis (if it is placed the right way it should roll down easily… if you are struggling to roll it down in is on the wrong side).




Being improperly lubricated can cause rips and tears in the condom. If you feel more lubrication is needed use a water based lubricant to increase your safety and enhance your pleasure. Make sure to not use any kind of oil based lubricant as this could degrade the condom. Women who have yeast or bacterial problems are especially prone to ripping as their natural lubrication can be thinner or less slippery. So make sure to use lube if this is your case. (Of course if you have a yeast or bacterial infection it is better to abstain from sex while the infection cures, but for some women low levels of yeast or bacteria can be present without causing an infection and still alter the texture of lubrication).

Finally, Be Smart!

Use the condom from beginning to end of penetration. You can get pregnant or a sexually transmitted infection even if a man does not ejaculate inside the woman. After intercourse, be attentive when the man takes his penis out that the condom is kept on and doesn’t slip or stay inside, so that no semen leaks inside. If this does happen, you may want to consider some options such as plan B, and get tested for STIs. Check the condom after use to make sure it has not broken. Once again if this happens verify your options for preventing pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.

By following these steps you should be able to have perfectly safe and enjoyable sex! It may seem like a lot to take in, but quickly these healthy habits will become a regular part of sex and you won’t even think twice about it.

Stay safe, have fun.

Let me know your comments below! Always happy to hear from you!


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