Alcohol: Sex Under The Influence
15 Nov 2016

Alcohol: Sex Under The Influence

This is not necessarily the case for everyone, but, it is a fact that many people use substances to enhance sexual pleasure or as a social lubricant to make sexual interaction easier. Over time I am going to discuss several different substances (legal and illegal), and how these can affect us sexually. Please keep in mind that I am in no way promoting the use of these substances; the reality is that they are being used by some and my job is to explore both positive and negative aspects so that you can be best informed when making your own personal decisions. Today I will be discussing one of the most commonly used substances: alcohol.

Alcohol has always been known to be a social lubricant. Meaning that, it can ease social interaction by getting you more relaxed, more confident and less inhibited. For this reason it can help calm some jitters if you are trying to make a move or just generally nervous or shy when it comes to new sexual interactions. Alcohol is the substance that is most often combined with sex, with women especially reporting that it elevates sexual desire by making them more relaxed. However, this doesn’t mean it is necessarily a good idea. Though it can increase desire, alcohol can make sex more physiologically difficult. Many people report that alcohol causes difficulty with lubrication, difficulty attaining orgasm, and orgasms that are less intense and pleasurable. Both men and women report that being under the influence of alcohol can negatively impact the overall sexual experience. So drinking can help you hop into bed but will not necessarily lead to the best sex of your life. This is why it is best to stick to a few drinks (especially since drinking too much has many negative health effects).

Furthermore, it is very important to consider is that alcohol increases the chance of people making risky decisions. This means that those who are drunk are much less likely to use protection. Many cases of sexually transmitted infections, unwanted pregnancies and sadly, sexual aggression (we will explore this in future articles), are associated with having sex under the influence. As I have mentioned before, a good trick is to always have condoms ready at home or in your purse so that if you unexpectedly end up getting frisky you will be more likely to use protection. Some women may feel that it is the “man’s job” to carry around protection, but being sexually active comes with responsibility; at the end of the day you can only control for your own actions and it is up to you to decide to make all the choices to be as safe as possible.

One more thing to consider regarding using alcohol to facilitate sexual interactions is that it can become slightly “addictive”. What I mean by this is that for some, using alcohol as a sexual dis-inhibitor becomes habitual, so much so that they feel no longer capable of having sober sexual relations. I am definitely not against having a bit of drunk fun some times, but it is important for ones sexual and mental health to be able to connect sexually with someone when sober. If you feel like you always need to be inebriated to have relations, this is a red flag and may mean there are some more serious psychological issues you may want to address.  As always, only you can decide what is best for you, so be safe and have fun!

***As for many of us, the last week’s events have marked me and others at We will be discussing our opinions in the next few weeks. We give love and support to all our American friends no matter where they stand and we will strive for a less divided world.

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