Skye Tostowaryk

Skye Tostowaryk

Makeup Artist, Model, Entrepreneur

Skye Tostowaryk has been a makeup artist for twelve years. She has experience in a myriad of makeup roles including film and television, bridal, fashion, special effects and prosthetics. Between beauty makeup, gory gashes and everything in between- Skye is always excited for every freelance project that comes her way. Her film/television experience includes such productions as Newfoundlands Republic of Doyle, CBC’s Murdoch Mysteries, and CW’s Reign. She works in both Toronto, Ontario and St. John’s Newfoundland and loves her fast paced lifestyle.

In addition to her passion for makeup artistry, Skye is also a devoted vegan and a fitness junkie. Skye has been living and breathing a healthy active lifestyle since junior high school when she first picked up a set of weights and became addicted. Health is just as much a priority for Skye as her makeup career. Her favourite workouts are running, tennis, hiking and free weights. Her favourite superfood food is chia seeds and her all time favourite cheat treat is hummus.. (and maybe vegan pizza!).

Skye is on a lifelong journey of finding everyday balance while building a successful beauty business from the ground up. She is excited to share her personal tips and tricks on staying healthy and glowing on the inside and the outside while juggling a career and personal life.

Skye joins as she believes in their values around health and lifestyle on being healthy and fit without going to extremes or following fad diets. Having competing priorities with contracts and a growing business, constantly travelling across Canada, she shares her journey to hopefully inspire others to prioritize their well being while having a busy lifestyle.