Marina Staingart

Marina Staingart

Engineer, Entrepreneur, Laughter-Yoga Leader 

Marina started her professional career as a computer engineer, even today a mainly male profession. As a rare woman in the field, she had to become “tough”, assertive and prove my point to gain respect from her colleagues and clients. She absolutely loved what she did during her work at big engineering consulting firms in Montreal. 

But she had a calling for expanding her horizons and learn more skills. She completed her international MBA at Tel Aviv University which made her travel and live in many countries. She wanted to discover her new passion and change her career path. So she became an entrepreneur and co-founded, a company fully focused on improving patient experience.

She joins where she will be sharing with her passion of laughter. Yes, you read it right: She is a passionate about laughter! She says “I will be sharing with you how rediscovering laughter changed my life from being ‘down-to-earth’ busy professional to a happy person for no particular reason. “


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