Cheryl Besner

Cheryl Besner

Dating Coach, Event Planner, Founder of Solo In The City, @CJAD800 Radio Host 

I am Cheryl Besner, born and raised in Montreal; I thrive off the pulse of my city. I play many roles in my day-to-day life, but first and foremost I am a business savvy, single woman with three fabulous children. I’m surrounded by an abundance of love and support from family, and an amazing circle of friends.

Over the last seven years, I have produced original concepts for a variety of events, from private parties to charity galas – I push the boundaries of creativity in all aspects of my life. Living each day with intention, passion and purpose, all while embracing my adventure for inspiration, love and connecting others.

I am currently a certified dating coach, motivational speaker, President of 365 Days to Find Love & Solo In The City. What started off as a blog for a quest to find a man to melt my heart, has now flourished into a successful company that helps others on their journey, to do the same.

My dating advice videos are featured on,, and I am a guest blogger for I’m also a contributor to “Living Legacies: A Collection of Writing by Contemporary Canadian Jewish Women“ volume IV edited by Liz Pearl and published by PK Press.

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