5 Unconventional Workouts in NYC To Keep Your Resolutions Fun
12 Jan 2017

5 Unconventional Workouts in NYC To Keep Your Resolutions Fun


Ah, New Year’s! The time of year everyone reflects on the past two weeks of gluttony and vows to swap diets of eggplant parmesan washed down with eggnog for 8 glasses of water a day and a workout regime parallel to angels pre-Christmas Fashion Show. Any consistent gymrat will testament to the ridiculous influx of sweaty attendance during the first two weeks of January, fuelled by resolution lists and inspirational Instagram memes. For me this means duking it out for limited class slots and standing arms crossed throwing shade at the treadmill hog holding a novel while walking at 2 mph for hours (if you can read the fine print, you’re not working hard enough). That said, I know my aggravation will be short lived, as studies show 65% of fitness resolutions fall apart the third week of the year. I suppose once you go queso-dip at your Superbowl Party, there’s no going back.

As someone who grew up in a fitness oriented household, who knows the benefits of endorphin induced sweat sessions, it makes me sad that so many quit on their aspirations because of the commitment. I sympathize really; it’s not easy to self motivate at the gym when working out is a chore… Chore being the key word here. Newsflash! Exercise doesn’t have to be something you dread. (Hold a beat on the eye-roll). There are SO many options for alternative exercises that will make you forget you’re primary objective is burning calories. In New York especially, we have crazy unorthodox classes that double as bucket-list items. Below are FIVE anti-vanilla workout options that’ll keep you fit and hopefully more revved up to power through your 2017 fitness goals:

1. Brooklyn Boulders

The largest rock gym on the east coast, Brooklyn Boulders is truly a wonderland for the fearless who dream of hanging off the grand canyon. Step in and feast your eyes on 22,000 square feet of custom rock climbing walls. I have the upper body strength of a kitten, so you can imagine how intimidated I was trying my luck on the walls for the first time. To my relief the staff was extremely accommodating, teaching me proper technique to leverage leg muscle while alleviating strain on the upper body. The walls are built for every skill level, so watching the four year old next to me scale a 20 foot climb was enough to spark the motivation I needed to do the same. What I learned is rock climbing is just as much about strategy and placement than strength, so following the color coded grips is key.

I would recommend going during a weekday or early in the morning on the weekends. Though I love children, I don’t enjoy sharing my workout with twenty of them celebrating Bobby’s 12th birthday on the wall adjacent. Side note: This doubles as a great date activity since you need a spotter. Cost around $35 dollars for the day.



2. New York Trapeze School

Sex and the City enthusiasts will recall season six episode eight when Carrie bravely leaps from a trapeze overlooking the Hudson after a rough encounter with said “jackrabbit” lover. Turns out this cinematic moment is actually based on a real trapeze school in New York, and for $80/class you can live out your childhood circus fantasies and walk away with a video for proof!
Throughout the 90 minute personal session, you’ll bond with a small group of fellow flightees and learn proper techniques to keep safe before preparing to fly. Fair warning though, this one isn’t for the height-squeamish, as the pinnacle of class involves hurling yourself off a platform 23 feet in the air, with an ultimate ending that requires plummeting into the net below. Clearly, easier said than done, but a treat for anyone looking to metaphorically “let go” and feel the adrenaline rush of freedom.


3. Om Factory Flight School

Reminiscent to those days of monkeybarring on the playground with a more rhythmic feel, this is essentially the Cirque Du Soleil of workouts. When you walk in you must take off shoes, and there’s always some beautiful incense aroma floating around. Classes are offered at all levels and the beginner sessions usually combine yoga with some form of aerial work. Basically, this is step 1 to achieving the greatness that was Pink’s performance at the 2000 VMA’s (don’t lie, you have completely fantasized about being her in that majestic moment).

They also have open forums for the hanging hoop, lyras, and silks; all which will entail a killer upper body and ab workout. Prepare not to feel your arms for the next few days, but it’s totally worth it.


4. Pure Barre

Former-prima ballerinas beware: This seemingly feminine alternative is basically if ballet met strength training and produced one fast paced, mean, balancing dance act. If you want a cardio workout that also helps you achieve the rear of your dreams, this one’s for you. Pure Bar uses small dance motions, targeted at gluts and legs (though most instructors include arm and ab add ons), and through static poses and weighted reps, completely transforms your body. Equinox and New York Health and Racquet Club both offer this in their gym packages, but many opt to try a walk-in at the chain Pure Barre. Though classes cost around $25/session, it’s worth it to test the waters before buying a full $200 package. Best yet, this isn’t exclusive to city slickers with over 200 locations nationwide.


5. Willkommen Deep House Yoga

There is no longer an excuse for friends who reject your yoga invitations because they need a more ‘upbeat’ workout. One of Williamsburg’s well known event venues, Verboten, extends the rave party into the day where fifty-something people downward dog to house yoga. The class is definitely more of a cardio workout than the calm stretch you’ll find with more low-key yoga classes. Nothing says ‘New Year, New You’ like finally mastering the crow pose to a thumping Calvin Harris melody as the soundtrack (Yes you can also downward dog while jamming to Calvin Harris).  Keep high energy while getting limber.

Offered at 6:30 PM and 8 PM every Monday and Tuesday, Willkommen serves to bring together mind, body, and music. Taking place in the club’s large, skylit Control Room, the yoga session features the music of DJs George Faya and Tasha Blank, who will soothe attendees with their smooth deep house stylings.

Admission includes complimentary mats provided by Lululemon and snacks from Divine Chocolates, and guests also have access to smoothies, water, coconut water, and a full bar.



Inspired yet? Remember the key to changing your body is consistency and staying motivated. Envision your best, healthiest self and enjoy the endorphin high from each sweat session!  And if you need a hand with your plans, schedule, meal plans, workouts and motivation, contact me here at fitinyourdress.com and I will personally put you in touch with one of our amazing Wellness Role Models!

What’s your motivation? What are your goals? Can’t wait to hear from you, drop me a line!

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