5 Unconventional Workouts in NYC To Keep Your Resolutions Fun
12 Jan 2017

5 Unconventional Workouts in NYC To Keep Your Resolutions Fun


Ah, New Year’s! The time of year everyone reflects on the past two weeks of gluttony and vows to swap diets of eggplant parmesan washed down with eggnog for 8 glasses of water a day and a workout regime parallel to angels pre-Christmas Fashion Show. Any consistent gymrat will testament to the ridiculous influx of sweaty attendance during the first two weeks of January, fuelled by resolution lists and inspirational Instagram memes. For me this means duking it out for limited class slots and standing arms crossed throwing shade at the treadmill hog holding a novel while walking at 2 mph for hours (if you can read the fine print, you’re not working hard enough). That said, I know my aggravation will be short lived, as studies show 65% of fitness resolutions fall apart the third week of the year. I suppose once you go queso-dip at your Superbowl Party, there’s no going back.

As someone who grew up in a fitness oriented household, who knows the benefits of endorphin induced sweat sessions, it makes me sad that so many quit on their aspirations because of the commitment. I sympathize really; it’s not easy to self motivate at the gym when working out is a chore… Chore being the key word here. Newsflash! Exercise doesn’t have to be something you dread. (Hold a beat on the eye-roll). There are SO many options for alternative exercises that will make you forget you’re primary objective is burning calories. In New York especially, we have crazy unorthodox classes that double as bucket-list items. Below are FIVE anti-vanilla workout options that’ll keep you fit and hopefully more revved up to power through your 2017 fitness goals:

Inspired yet? Remember the key to changing your body is consistency and staying motivated. Envision your best, healthiest self and enjoy the endorphin high from each sweat session!  And if you need a hand with your plans, schedule, meal plans, workouts and motivation, contact me here at fitinyourdress.com and I will personally put you in touch with one of our amazing Wellness Role Models!

What’s your motivation? What are your goals? Can’t wait to hear from you, drop me a line!

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