5 MORE Out-Of-The-Box Workouts To Sweat Out In 2017
26 Jan 2017

5 MORE Out-Of-The-Box Workouts To Sweat Out In 2017


Well would you look at that, we’re three weeks  into the new year and, oh god, panic mode setting in, I haven’t yet slimmed my waist down to that double-triple-zero-negative-five size Victoria’s Secret’s pushing on the glam models these days. Wait, you haven’t reached the apex of LA determined sex appeal yet either? God, maybe we should just go ahead and ditch the kale smoothies in favor of that devilish slice of red velvet calling out from the café across the street.

Or, since this is 2017 and it’s a new year – the year of the rooster for all my zodiac-paying-attention family out there– and we’re damn powerful women, and because our spirits can’t be dampened after just three weeks (though a certain orange President can try his hardest), we won’t give in. We’re getting fit.  

Bettering yourself physically and mentally is critical to maintaining a healthy, loving, mindful lifestyle, so fitness must be high up on your value system. We here at Fitinyourdress.com were so thrilled with the great response from our last article, 5 Unconventional Workouts in NYC to Keep Your Resolutions Fun, that we wanted to give you five more off-the-beaten-path workouts for the adventurous spirit.


Warning: prepare for your inner Wonder Woman, Black Widow, Zena Warrior Princess (that’s the length my nerd knowledge extends to capture badass female fighters) to come forth. You’ll feel your competitive juices flowing as you cycle alongside suburbia sallies taking a break from mommy and me class to re-discover some true me-time. You – our New York City warrior – will be there to give them a battle.

While the suburbia sallies will be cycling on their lonesome, restricted to the at-home Peloton bike, competing with you using a live leaderboard, you will be saddled up on the same world class stationary bike with fellow city warriors in the New York City Studio, located at 140 W 23rd. There, you will have access to the best trainers the fitness industry has to offer, in an environment that will support you like your best friends through a breakup. By the time class finishes, once you’ve toned up all the important features and realized soul cycle just won’t cut it anymore, you’ll have had the added bonus of having outpaced all your wedding-photo-posting housewife suburban sally friends, sitting there staring at the leaderboard wondering how you got so damn fit. Now, note to my suburban sally friends, I know you do kick ass doing everything you do, I better watch out on this one…



The Class

No, this is not some James Franco art project or upcoming binge worthy Netflix documentary, although judging from the emotionally powerful stories coming out of 291 Broadway, we wouldn’t put it past them. From the progressive mind of Taryn Toomey – a corporate hound who ditched the 100 hour weeks for yoga enlightenment (I know, hero status) – we get The Class, a completely new approach to building your mind/body/soul strength.

For my own mental organization, I’d like to categorize The Class as yoga, but that would be a complete injustice. The word on the street – and I select that phraseology solely because The Class itself uses it to describe its buzz – is that it’s a full body, physical and emotional workout. The Class is all about movements that challenge the body to engage the mind. What does that mean? Evidently that you head into the studio and lay down your matt alongside A-List celebs similarly seeking physical and emotional release, and 75 minutes later you’re hugging it out, tears streaming down your face, demons released. Personally it sounds a bit exorcism for me, but I’m game to try anything once (don’t get any ideas), and if it means I get to hold Bradley Coops as he cries, then yeah, sign me up.

Belly Dance Class

Hey ladies, ever dreamed of pulling a Shakira? Turns out you can!

Well… okay, my hips were lying there, maybe you won’t ever make the Shakira cut, but you’d be surprised at what your body can pull off with a little bit of practice and some expert guidance. Bellyqueen on 440 Lafayette boasts a staff of internationally acclaimed belly dancers primed to guide your body through what is primarily a dance class, but turns into a full body workout. Your belly – aka that core area you try so hard to tone but only ever maintain a handful of pudge fudge – is the target, which you sculpt through sexy, curvy moves. It’s rhythm (yup), endurance (yup), and body (thank you).

Ninja Warrior

Remember back when we were talking about my extremely lacking nerd knowledge, and the shamefully best female warriors I could summon was a 90’s throwback name and characters I only know because Scarlett Johansson and Gal Gadot are amazing and are the goddesses we should all aspire to become? Well add one more name to that list: Jessie Graff. Back in the summer she kicked some serious American Ninja Warrior ass, and lo and behold, you can to.

Now in our own right, aren’t we all American Ninja Warriors, jumping out of bed in the morning, leaping around the house to slip into our dresses before we pull acrobatic maneuvers around tourist street gawkers, only to tumble our way into the subway and toss elbows to anyone who dares steal our spot on the car? In that sense, are we not all ninja warriors? When you put it that way…


But we can really, truly develop the full on violent ass kicking moves required to survive in this concrete jungle war ground by signing up at this not-so-tiny studio at the Brooklyn Zoo. All the flexibility needs that have been killing the unrealistic demands of our Wall Street playboy (or playgirl, #2017) partners can be alleviated by dedication to the training that makes champions. So come on and channel your inner Kanye circa the good ol’ days, and realize.


Finally, if you truly are one who drifts so far from the beaten path that you’re chopping down brush with a machete, then should give Capoeira, a blend of martial arts, dance, mindfulness, and acrobatics, a shot. That bucket list you’ve been working so hard to curate can earn quite a few check marks if you expand your mind and open yourself up this truly unique martial art. There’s a humble little gym down on Suffolk that may just peak your fancy and get those legs stretching to model status.

Oh, and it’s Brazilian, and we all saw those beach shots from the summer Olympics. If we Americans want to start competing with those goddesses in the southern hemisphere, we may want to start stealing some of their techniques. Maybe New York has thrown reality in my face far too much for these eyes not to see what’s in plain sight, but yeah, I think we can all safely assume the likes of Gisele and Adriana didn’t shape their figures in Hoboken or White Plains. But you know what, city living has also taught me to be an optimist, and I know that if I survived my first apartment, I can pretty much do anything, so maybe we can match those Brazilian fembots. Get your Martial Arts/Dance training in right here in the Big Apple.

Be sure comment and let us know of any great alternative workouts you’ve enjoyed!



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